This is why smart people are increasingly joining in IT industry since the last 15 years

Technology is creating jobs that never existed before. According to Forbes, almost 133 million jobs have still been created through new technology. Fifteen years back, the world never heard of jobs like App Developer, Social Media Manager, Could Specialist, etc. The entire job market has changed for the rapid expansion of IT, IoT, artificial intelligence and social media platforms. Traditional job positions are in extinct whereas IT jobs are becoming the mainstream in the last 15 years. Even many traditional jobs now require IT skills such as in the field of banking, marketing, accounting, etc. Let’s understand the scenario better by following the time and events.

2005 – When people started socializing digitally

Facebook was invented in 2005, now it has 2.7 billion active users (August 2020). Facebook and other Social Media platforms created more than 4.5 million jobs. Also, Social Media platforms have become the main marketing tools for companies. Companies not only post their jobs in LinkedIn but also do employee branding via this professional social media site. Reputed person and organizations now published their official statement through Tweeter. Instagram has become the best marketing platform for lifestyle brands. For Facebook and other social media platforms, digital marketing is replacing traditional marketing and regular marketers are becoming digital marketers or social media managers. For becoming a digital marketer or social media manager, you need skills in data analysis, SEM, digital marketing software (HubSpot, MailChimp, Hootsuite). Overall, you have to be a tech-savvy person who has great computer skills. The average annual salary of a Digital Marketer in the USA is around $80,000.

2006 – When “cloud” became data storage

In 2016, Amazon Web service introduced “Elastic Compute Cloud”. Later in 2008, Google released its cloud computing platform “Google App Engine”. Today, cloud computing is considered one of the best professional areas as the median salary of a cloud computing specialist in the USA is more than $120,000 per year. For cloud computing, companies now need more software engineers, developers, data societies who have expertise in “cloud”. Most of the people who are now cloud experts were once a beginner. They became experts through trainings and experiences.

2007 – Mobile phones started being “smart”

Apple released the iPhone in 2007 and it is considered as the world's first true Smartphone. In 2008, the world’s first Android was also released (HTC Dream). All smartphones are run by software applications. So “App” has become a popular word. In 2010, the American Dialect Society recognized “app” as “Word of the Year”. Now there are 3.5 Billion Smartphone users (almost half of the world’s population). In total 8.9 million mobile apps are available. You can find 2.5 million Android apps in Google Play Store and 1.8 million iOS apps in Apple App Store. Do you know who makes these apps? Answer - Mobile App Developers. There are around 14 million mobile app developers in the world. The average annual salary of a Mobile App Developer in the USA is $140,000. The people who are leading this industry never had an official university degree on “app developing” since the subject was not invented then. So, most of the app developers get the skills by taking training from experienced app developers. An experienced app developer trainer can help to become a new app gig.

2005 – When data became the strongest weapon

As we are generating data every moment, scientists started calling a large amount of data as “Big-Data” (from 2005). For Big-Data technologies, the company now can provide customized and premium online services. Also, Big-Data generates vast concern in privacy-related issues. To manage this all companies now need more data scientists/analytics than before. Moreover, Big-Data is now helping companies to understand the customer’s need, offering customized services, making a business blueprint, creating “on-demand” service based business, etc. in 2016, Huffington Post mentioned that there are around 3 million data scientists/expert in the world. Today, data science is an inseparable part of millions of jobs. The average annual salary of a data scientist is around $113,000 (in the USA).

Now – Home is being transformed into the new “Head Office”

For COVID 19 pandemic situation, we experienced that companies are managing their business by “working from home” concept. From CEOs to interns, everyone has to work from home to continue business operations. Many experts noted that “working from home” will be a “new normal” working format in the future. So, whatever your geographic location is, if you are good at technology then nobody can stop you. Also, from more than a decade, freelance marketplace (Upwork,, iWriter) are offering services that allow freelancers to get contractual jobs via different clients. If you are good at Software Testing, Project Management Plan (PMP), or such highly technical skills then you can earn $30 to $80 (or more) per hour by sitting at home. There are around 30 million people who take freelancing as a carrier. Freelancing even became more popular due to COVID 19 pandemic situation. In the future, freelancing will become one of the mainstream careers. The higher your technical skills are, the more you can earn as a freelancer.

This is the golden time to convert your profession to the IT sector. Millions of jobs are created for the new technologies and such jobs have higher salary scales than regular jobs. When you have trained yourself as an IT professional, you will able to be a part of this tech revolution. In the coming days, whatever you do, you have to have expertise in technologies.