5 trainings that will help you to cope with the "New Normal" world

The world has changed as a consequence of COVID 19 pandemic. Government to corporations, everyone got the message that everything can go on by working from home! If you are thinking that humans never experienced social distancing; you are wrong. Let’s start with a story. Plague had visited Europe several times. In 1665, Plague hit England. That time Sir Isaac Newton was studying at trinity college, Cambridge. He went to a village during that pandemic time and spent more than a year to ensure social distancing. The situation was just like in 2020. But interestingly Newton made most of his early major inventions during this time. You must have heard about the story of inventing “the law of gravity”. Newton was sitting under an apple tree and suddenly an apple fell into his head and right after that got the idea of gravity! That apple tree was in that country house where he used to live during the quarantine. Newton’s very famous “prism experiment” took place during this time. Also, he invented a mathematical theory named “method of fluxion” an earlier version of today’s differential calculus. So, Newton did all those by working from home. What are you doing during this pandemic time? Do not get frustrated if you did not invent something like Newton did! We are here with some good plans for you so that you can also become someone! Software Testing: If you are a non-tech person but searching for the best way to pursue your career in the IT sector then doing “Software Testing” training is the best option. It is easier to learn than other software related studies. You do not have to have a computer engineering degree or a solid IT job experience to become a Software Test Engineer. Whatever your background is, you can be a Software Test Engineer by taking professional trainings on “Software Testing. The size of job markets for Software Testing Engineers is huge and every day it is expanding. The average salary is from $65,000 to $120,000. You can learn it from home via distance (online) training. Help Desk Analyst/IT Support: When you have a problem with your products (Smartphone, Computer) or services (mobile SIM operators) you might call, email or get engaged to a live chat with company employees. The people who handle your problems are known as “Help Desk Analyst” or “IT supports Stuff”. In this competitive business world, every company want to provide a premium after-sales service and every organization is busy to build a top-class customer relationship management (CRM), as a result, companies recruiting help desk analyst continuously. The average salary of an entry-level Help Desk Analyst in the USA is more than $40,000. It is considered an easy job, it means, you do not need to know all IT terminology. Generally, a help desk analyst handles communication like receiving customer calls/messages; transfer the problem to the IT team and ensuring the solution to customers. So a help desk or IT support staff work as a link between the customer and the technical team. You just need to prepare yourself by taking a professional training on “Help Desk Analyst/IT Support”. Also, as a person, you have to be efficient and effective to play this kind of job role. Proper Computer Training: How do you define “a computer expert”. Using the search engine or face booking are okay but corporations will not consider these as “skills”. If you are a beginner then try to enroll in a computer training program where you can learn more than just googling or facebooking. To grow in your career, you need to have an excellent idea on MS Office, Google Sheets, Managing files and folders (professionally), and some advanced subjects. A good computer course will make you smarter. Companies now need smart desk employees who are excellent in computer skills. Also, to get a job, you have to make a super-smart CV and have to contact with different HR Managers. Proper computer training can make you a good digital communicator so that you can impress the Managers by your emails and documents. Websites Creation: Globally, 6 websites are created every second. This is definitely a great news for present and future web developer & designers. In 2016, there are 900 million websites but now the number doubled, 1.8 billion. On average, a website is made for $12000 to $150,000 (depends on the features and types). Website design and Web development & design are considered very good career options all around the world. The entry-level salary of a web developer in the USA is $61000 per year and a mid experience web developer earn more than $120,000 per year. The average salary of a website designer in the USA is $48,700 per year. A web developer and web designer can also earn a big amount of money by doing freelancing. SEO: It has become harder for the website to earn traffic as there are too many websites. So companies need a Search Engine Optimization Expert to solve this issue. SEO is very important to help users to find the website. Also, SEO expertise gives a company a core competence so that company can always go-ahead from its competitors. An Average SEO specialist earns $50,000 and an average senior SEO expert earns $81,000. Most of the SEO experts say that the best way to learn SEO is learning from a professional through training. William Shakespeare wrote his famous novel “King Lear” during a pandemic situation when he was in self-quarantine. What are you doing/did in this pandemic period? Experts say that we are going to have a new world in the coming days where the world will be depending more on remote/online works. So, in future, the people who have excellent technical skills are going to dominate the job markets. Are you included in this group? If you do not have precious technical skills then it is high time to convert yourself as a Software Test Engineer, IT Support Staff, Web Developer/Designer and overall a tech gig. For that, you need to invest your time in taking IT training. Try to make the best use of your time during/after this pandemic situation.