Why Software Tasting is important for your company? Let us describe the whole with a story. In the 90s, a Chinese airline plane crashed and 264 people lost their life. After investigation, it was found that the plane was crashed for a “software bug”, which means the software was not gone through a quality “software testing” process. Similarly, a Japanese car company had to withdraw their millions of cars because the cars have some issues with their software. As a result, the company has to lose an immense amount of money. So, companies now prioritize software testing more than ever and for this reason, “Software Test” or “Software Quality Assurance” are considering as a “must to do” thing is the tech industry. The good news is that TEP is one of the best software testing service providers in the world and we have extraordinary software testers who are capable to do any simple to sophisticated testing project.

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Why TEP?

With extensive experience in API testing, from SOAP-based enterprise web services, to the modern RESTful/micro services architecture, LogiGear has helped clients reduce software delivery cycles by implementing Automation for API Testing. We offer comprehensive API testing services, including functional and non-functional Automation Testing, to help you kick-start, speed up, and scale your API testing efforts, all while reducing costs and increasing your test coverage. We can help you ready your API testing process for Continuous Testing and testing in Continuous Delivery.

TEP has helped countless businesses for more than 20 years optimize their testing. Get in contact with our team of experts and see how TEP can help you achieve success in your testing.

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