Reasons Why Software Testing Training Is Popular Throughout The World

When you think about NASA you must have a good impression about that but have you ever noticed that sometimes they also fail in their prefects? Yes, NASA failed in some projects for various reasons and one of the reasons is not testing their software properly. Nissan is a very well-known Japanese car brand but they also had to recall their 1.2 million cars from the market as those cars were found to be defected for not having proper software tests. So companies now prioritize software testing more than ever and for this reason “Software Test Engineers” or “Software Quality Assurance Engineers” (QAE) are considering as “hot cake” in the job market. But the good news for you is that these types of demanding and well-paid jobs do not require a computer engineering degree. After taking a course in “Software Testing” you can literally enter in this industry as a Software Test Engineer without having a tech background. It might sound unbelievable but it is true! Go to Google and check the facts, you will find the same information. Why should you learn “software testing”?

1. Easy to Learn: “software testing” might sound very sophisticate (it is) but you do not have to be an “Einstein” to become a Software Test Engineer. If you want to be a software developer or designer then you have to have a strong background on Computer Science and other tools but in comparison to that becoming Software testing Engineer or QAE is far easier. If you are from the non-IT background then it is totally fine. If you know the basics about computers (like MS world and others) then it is a matter of time to become a software testing expert or QAE.

2. High Market Demand: Once you are done with a “Software Testing” program, you do not have to sit home as it is one of the most demanding jobs and the job market is still growing. Why? Because there is millions of software but their quality is not the same. Defected software can create a billion dollars loss for a company. So, every organization now focuses on ensuring the quality of software. As a result, companies now need a huge number of Software Test Engineer or Software Quality Assurance Engineers (QAE). In a past report, it is estimated that there are more than 390,000 official Software Test Engineers in the world. But the industry needs more Software Test Engineers on urgent basis and in the future, the demand will touch the sky. Go to LinkedIn and see the demand in first hand.

3. High Paid Jobs: In the USA, a Software Test Engineer draws a salary somewhat from $65,000 to $120,000 per year! In Sweden, an average Software Test Engineer earns 57,500 SEK per month ($6300 per month). So, whatever the location is, a Software Test Engineer always draws a smart salary. Many people come to North America / Europe and do not understand how to earn well. The average salary for an employee in the US restaurant industry is around $22,000, it means less than $2000 per month. Many of them can earn at least three times higher just doing a software testing course. So if you are planning to move to North America or Europe, then it will be wise to do a software testing course before going there. If you are already in a first world country or any other places then again try to do Software Testing training/course because Software Test Engineers can find a job in anywhere in the World.

4. Pathway to Become a Tech Leader: Many non-techs or tech people started their careers as a Software Test Engineer but later they become project leaders, some become senior software quality assurance engineers and some become tech entrepreneurs. IT industry is the world’s most attractive industry and there are many sectors. The designation of a “Software Test Engineer” is one of the exclusive positions that allow you to enter in this dynamic industry without having a computer engineering degree and IT experiences. As a result, you are getting the opportunity to understand the IT businesses, and later you can either become a corporate leader or an entrepreneur. All this needs to be started with a good “software testing course”. The requirements to become a Software Test Engineer

1. Confidence: Fist of all, you have to believe that you can be a world-class Software Test Engineer. If you do not believe yourself, nobody is going to believe you. Many non-tech people out there change their life by becoming a Software Test Engineer. Why should you not? You have to be confident! If you are confused then you cannot transform yourself as a winner. Do you know how to achieve confidence? By learning, yes! If you don’t know anything but act as a “confident” person then you might be considered as an “over-smart” person. Knowledge, skills give a person confidence. So, learn the facts and achieve confidence.

2. Dedication: Whatever you do in life, you have to be focused on your goal. You must have a clear vision so that you can focus to accomplish your goal. So you have to be dedicated to software testing training. Take your training as a life-changing event. All world-class tech gigs are very much dedicated to whatever they are doing. So it is not enough to have a dream, dedication is the main key to achieve that dream.

3. Hard Work: Easy success comes easily; bigger success comes through hard work. There is no short cut. When you get enrolled in the training, you will not able to become a Software Test Engineer if you do not work hard. Every successful man adorns the habit of working hard, so get used to this culture. In the future, you (software taster) have work with world-class enthusiastic tech teams where everyone is a hardworking person.

So if you want to be a part of any tech team as a Software Test Engineer, you have to work hard to cope with the hard working tech culture. So it is better to grow the habit during the training by attending every single class All the things that we discussed are in vein if it failed to encourage you to become a Software Test Engineer. If you do not take action and just read the benefits then you are wasting your time and it is not going to help you to make your life better. Doing is more important than knowing and you need to be serious to become a good Software Test Engineer. We hope all the best for your future & the future is now!