Simple Guidance for You about Basic Computer Training

We know that you are already good with the computer. There are 2 billion computers (including laptops and servers) in this world so you might also have one. Nowadays we all use social media platforms, read news from websites and can search for anything in Google. Then why you need to take basic computer training? Here are the answers – • To enter the IT industry: Honestly, we all use the internet, smart-phones, computers but it is now not worthy to remain as a "user" but it is precious to become a developer/designer/content creator/ IT service provider. If you are satisfied just being a tech user then it is fine but if you want to make millions of dollars by using the tech then please do computer training. Before becoming a tech gig you need to know the basics. Do you know everything about the hardware? Everything about the operating system? Are you a master at MS office? Or do you know the important computer skills like - managing files, converting files to another format and so on? If no then you cannot become a tech gig in the long run. • To become a smart desk employee: Nowadays our phones even become smart-phones and if you are not technologically smart enough then you cannot be a part of any smart organization. Today s reality is whatever you do (teachers, customer care, admin) you need to have sound computer skills. For the last decade, we are experiencing the digital transformation. As a result, email replaces the traditional postal system, online payment replaces cash, and the keyboard replaces the type machine. So if you want to join in any company and want to grow your career then you need to have proper knowledge and skills on computers. • To survive in your existing jobs: Companies now recruiting people who know computers at an advanced level. So if you are working in a school, banks or anywhere else you might be at a risk for not having superior computer skills. In past, we used to believe in "working hard" but now the world demands a "work smart" method. For having better computer skills, you will not only be able to secure your job but also you will grow in your career. If you do not upgrade yourself then either you will lose your job or you will be stuck in your present position for a long time which might cause frustration. • Cyber Security issues: Companies now considering cyber security as a top priority issue. To ensure companies online security, they need employees who are aware of basic online security stuffs. For an unaware employee, a company can lose millions of dollars. So before or after getting a job, you have to understand about those matters, like, how to use a computer properly, how to protect privacy in an online environment, how to recover your system (email, office account), how to act in a crisis moment, etc. By having proper computer training you will able to do this all. This is also very important in the context of securing personal email/social media accounts. If you manage to secure your profiles then you also know how to secure your company’s data. So to prepare well, you might take computer training where cyber security is also covered. • IT/Online jobs for non-tech people: Now non-tech people can do many IT-based jobs by having a good capacity on computers and IoT (internet of things) like web writers, digital content writers, copywriters, blog writers (on cooking, traveling, books).To join those sectors, you have to be a computer expert first. In the first world counties (USA, UK, Australia and European nations) paper jobs are close to disappearing. Becoming a digital writer you can also earn from freelancing platforms like iWriter, Upwork, etc. In Upwork, you can also find jobs like data entry or digital personal assistance. For doing those kinds of jobs, you need to expertise your skill of fast typing, email writing, MS office, and file managing. • For applying in a job: Forget about getting a job, just for applying in a good job you need to develop your resume/CV, cover letter and you might have to open an account in various job sites. For doing that properly, you have to ensure good computer skills. If your CV is not well designed, you might not get a job though you might have other good skills, like – driving, cooking, chef, etc. Moreover, you might go through a "basic computer test" or "IQ test" in the screening period because companies now want to judge candidates computer skills first before pursuing further steps. If you do not have enough skills in those tasks then you will lose the opportunity to join those companies. Now almost no company recruit people via paper letter rather they prefer online recruiting system. Knowing about the online recruiting system is not enough; your profile has to be exclusive to get noticed as there are plenty of other candidates for every job. To beat the competition, your profile needs to be exclusively designed and presented. Proper computer training can help you to reach that precious skill. • If you are just a “beginner”: It is fine to be a “beginner”. If you never had the opportunity to work with computers that much then it is obvious to know less about today s’ technology. There is a popular English idiom "Better Late than Never". All of us started learning something at some point in our lives and in that sense, we all were beginner once. First of all, you already have a quality that you admitted you are a beginner; it means you are honest and we believe honest people can do better than others. Also, by saying “beginner” you are telling us that you want to learn which means you have the interest to learn new things. This is also a winning quality. So do not get worried, honestly, having computer skills is not rocket science and you will learn it very quickly like everyone does. In summary, we can say that having proper computer training can be considered as an “entry ticket” to join in the world’s largest and most potential industry (Information Technology). There is no smart job that does not require a "good computer skills". Also, it will help you to become a smarter employee among other colleagues. Above all, if you just want to get a smart job then you have to deal with an online recruitment system that requires sound computer skills. All the best!